About Branding Stories

I Believe

that small businesses can change the world. 

That when you do what you love and you’re great at it you have the power to change lives and build something lasting and meaningful. 

I believe in having the freedom to decide how I use my time and what decisions I make and so should everyone.

My purpose is to help small businesses increase their visibility and credibility so they can grow and make their mark on the world.

My mission

You’re unique, and your business should be too.

My mission is to capture the true essence of who you are and what sets you apart from everyone else in your field. And to present yourself as an expert in front of your ideal clients, helping you build relationships that grow your business.

 Whether you need help with new headshots, or website & social media images, I photograph you in a way that just feels like you.

We will work together to create a stunning collection of images that will help you look good, feel good, and attract the right type of clients for you.

a little story

Hi, I’m Gabi!

Life is full of moments that open us up to new ways of seeing things and new ways of being. For me, one of these moments has come from resilience and from seeing how a world event like the pandemic pulled the rug from under our feet and nothing was the same anymore.

I went from being fully booked to zero income without warning. And I wasn’t alone. The entire world was struggling. But here comes the good part!

Whilst my business was on hold, I took the time to reflect deeply on my own life and a particular story that was buried underneath everyday life has come back to me. 

To give you a bit of insight, my mum was a brilliant tailor but more than that, she is my hero. She had to work two jobs to provide a basic living for my sisters and me. She was exhausted. But she never complained. Her goal in life was to give us a good education and support until we were able to spread our wings and fly.

I was angry. And I felt powerless. I wanted to help but didn’t know how. 

I used to lie wide awake in my bed and imagine a life where my mum had her own business and greeted customer after customer in her little workshop. Her gorgeous smile would be seen by everyone in town who loved coming to her for their tailored clothing!

That dream never happened… But a seed has been planted from which my core beliefs and goals stem. I made a promise that I will do everything I can to have my own business and be the owner of my own time. Because in the end, time is the only currency that truly matters.

Going back to the beginning of this story, the pandemic reminded me that the thing I want most is to help businesses shine bright. And that’s when I’ve decided to focus on one thing only: helping small business owners and entrepreneurs become successful through the power of brand photography and storytelling.

I’m looking forward to hearing your story and what drives you to do what you do and creating the plan on how to tell the story of your brand best so that you can connect with the people you want to work with a grow a fulfilling business.


Business portrait of personal branding photographer, blonde female in her early forties in front of her laptop, with white wall and plant in the background, smiling into the camera

Kind words from amazing people

“If you need a talented skilled professional to capture who you are – then I endorse you to work with Gabi. A truly talented professional.”

“Gabi and I had an amazing photoshoot experience, she captured my personality so beautifully!
I struggle to choose which photos are like more because I love them all.”

Chloe Stephens, Fitness and Mindset Coach

“From start to finish I felt like Gabi really cared about my business and took the time to really understand what we were about and what we wanted to achieve and the result has been absolutely amazing. “

Gabi is pure magic! She knew how to bring out the core essence of me and what I was looking for in my photos whilst making me look and feel confident and fabulous in front of the camera.

Caroline Banks
Founder of KuraZana Yoga⁣ – Body & Mind Retreat

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